August 24th, 2022

8 Easy Ways to update your home for less

Featuring Splosh Homeware

These 8 easy tips won't break the bank, but will give your home a refreshing boost of style.

1. Add a statement piece

Create a focal point for your room with a large statement homeware accessory. This will change the dynamic of the room, and give the appearance of a full space without the need for clutter


This push-pin travel map makes an ideal centerpiece as well as a fun activity on an evening.


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2. Create a memory fridge

Memories are important! Use your otherwise wasted fridge space and magnets to display your memories front and center.


Use our small magnets, each with a sweet quote, to highlight the meaning behind your memory.


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3. Add some sparkle with a Light-Up House

Have a kid's room that needs sprucing up? Or just want to add a bit of light to your own? You're never too old for a light-up house.


Use these gorgeous houses to add some colour to a plain room, or as a night light for children's rooms.


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4. Create a gallery wall with Canvases

Have a large empty wall space? Fill it with cute canvases to create your very own gallery wall.


Pre-filled frames mean no stressing about which photos to choose. Choose different-sized frames to add dimension to your gallery wall.


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5. Your mug deserves the best!

An easy - inexpensive - way to add a pop of colour to your home is through fun coasters!

Coasters are not just made to be hidden under your drink! They can be the homeware piece to take your interior to the next level. The best part is - you don't have to splash out. You can find the cutest coasters for under £4.


Treat your mugs and get yourself some coasters that you will never want to put away.


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6. Make a display of your doors

Just when you thought you'd decorated every inch of your house... you remember about the door!


Use wall plaques to bring some life to your doors (and help your guests find their way around.)


Browse Door Plaques



7. Add a personal touch

Want to add a personal touch without splashing out on expensive, customised homeware?


Start with a mug! An activity as well as a cute decor, a DIY mug is the perfect way to express your creativity.


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8. Dress up your keys

Not a super obvious part of your home, but an easy change to make to add some glam to your home is to add a stylish keychain to your keys. Style them to match your home decor, or too stand out as a pop of colour.


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Why not take your keys to the next level with a cute key holder? There are many different ways to show off your keys' new look in your home, with wall holders (that also double as shelves), Key boxes, and even a good, old fashioned key bowl. Check out some of our favourites below.

Personalised Key Box for the Home


Rustic Key Holder

Splatter Black & White Trinket Dish



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