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What is Caption?

Caption Fragrance Co. is made up of free spirits who believe the roots of our future lie in our past. Caption are dedicated to bringing you an unforgettable fragrance experience crafted with pure, authentic fragrance the way nature intended.

Fragrance has the power to spawn memories once thought to be long gone. Caption fragrances are uniquely formulated to conjure up these memories or become the cornerstone for new ones.

We invite you to experience true fragrance brought to you by Caption Fragrance Co.

Experience True Fragrance

Caption are purveyors of real, authentic experiences and that includes fragrance. True fragrance means Caption don't mask the fragrance of nature with harsh chemicals and solvents. Unlike other fragrance companies, Caption focus on developing our products to perform at a high level in the most effective and natural way possible. Caption's commitment to providing a true fragrance experience means they innovate with these principles at the forefront.


Capton Fragrance Co. select only the purest essential oils in concentrated form and blend them with other responsible, ethically harvested fragrance ingredients of the finest quality that evoke moments we wish to recall and savor once more.

Solvent Free

Solvents are broadly used in the fragrance industry with many products containing 50% or more solvent. Caption Fragrance Co.'s patented, natural technology has completely eliminated the need for solvents to push fragrance into the air.
Starch (like what we eat) on the surface of their products works like a pace car to make sure fragrance oils don't diffuse too fast and intensely. Then silica (the mineral derived from sand) works its magic as a natural desiccant that absorbs water vapor from the air. Water and oil don't get along very well. Water wins and pushes the fragrance oil out of the paper naturally over a month or so, no solvent required.

All Natural Paper

Caption fragrances are infused on FDA, FSC, and SFI certified paper, nature's more abundant and honest palette, just as our ancestors did centuries ago. It's the only fragrance product of its kind, and just happens to be biodegradable. Caption work hard to create a product that provides an enhanced fragrance experience while being recyclable too.

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