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Kringle Candle History

Kringle Candle Company is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of all-white, intensely fragranced candle products.

Kringle Candle's history begins in many ways with Yankee Candle. Mike Kittredge, then just 16 years old, created the Yankee Candle Company in 1969. Yankee grew into one of the giftware industry's most well-known brands before Mike eventually sold the business in 1998. Mike's son Mick – who had often dreamed of working alongside his father one day - was only 8 years old at the time.

In 2009, Mick's dream came to fruition, almost by accident. He was now 19 and working on a college marketing project, with an assignment to create a company on paper and devise a business plan. Mick chose candles, a natural topic.
Seeking a contemporary twist on a traditional product, Mick made his scented candles all white. He saw that white candles were décor-neutral and fit beautifully into every room of the house. Even though Kringle Candle still existed only on paper, the all-white look was a unique competitive advantage.

Mick's instructor offered extra credit to any student who actually made and sold his or her product, so he jumped at the chance. He placed some of his sample candles at a friend's clothing store in Northampton MA, and watched excitedly as they sold out in a matter of hours. Mick realized that the marketplace liked his all-white candles, now proudly named Kringle, and soon he was discussing how to turn his college assignment into a real business with his father.
After nearly a year of planning and perfecting the Kringle brand, Mick and his Dad cut the ribbon on a new headquarters Kringle Candle retail store in Bernardston, MA in late 2010. It was the perfect place to expand the array of styles and fragrances, and develop the product line based on real-word consumer feedback.
This helped Mick to provide his growing network of Kringle Candle dealers with market-tested products. During the next years, the Kringle dealer network continued to expand. Today, Kringle Candles can be found in better giftware, garden and home stores nationwide and around the world, as well as online.

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