It doesn’t take a lot to style your home how you like it. It all starts with stunning features you can use around the home. And the key to a styling now is the minimalistic effortless look, keeping the home classy, chic, polished and sleek. The polished look for all events in your life.


Our new Splosh range Mystique is the unique addition to any style forward home. Add in that subtle touch of elegance with a personalized message to lift and light up your home and get the Instagram influencer look. 



The Splosh Mystique range is all about having that modern, yet stylish and minimalist look. This makes the range a stunning stand-alone feature and a creative set up paired alongside other designs. 


Our Splosh framed prints make a fashionable feature, each with a gold lined silhouette of a woman, customized designs to reveal a sneak peek into your star sign and a calming colour to bring light whilst complimenting your rooms.




Each star sign has their own unique design and personalized text, for your sign’s personality traits, adding that exclusive touch making it perfect for gifts, to others and yourself.


These brand-new frames have a wall hang and stand on the back, meaning they can be easily hung up or displayed on a flat surface. They’re the perfect piece to have on side tables and windowsills and are suitable to be displayed in all aspects of a home.