A new way of business

‘Giving Nature a Vote’.

Being the first company in the world to make Nature a director, Faith in Nature is changing the way we think about and treat Nature. In partnership with Lawyers for Nature and Earth Law Centre, the company is signaling a new way of doing business.

Faith in Nature is a local, cruelty-free business that is going global, on a mission to give Nature its voice back.

And we can’t get enough of it!


Enough of the Plastic

Since 1999, Faith in Nature has been recycling their plastic bottles with hopes that one day they can ditch them for good but unfortunately, that is something they’re still tackling. The company is fighting this war on plastic one bottle at a time.

Refill means less landfill

‘The bigger the bottle, the bigger the difference it makes.’ Faith in Nature has been making their products in 5-litre bottles since the beginning, and they hold the equivalent of 12.5 smaller bottles!

And you must be thinking ‘bigger bottles use more plastic?’. Your wrong! By refilling the 5-litre bottles, it is using significantly less plastic than the small plastic bottles combined. How incredible is that?

‘Zero plastic. Zero Sulphates. And zero compromises on great hair days.’

Faith in Nature’s shampoo and conditioner bars do just that! When plastic isn’t needed then it certainly won’t be used.


Return your bottles!

Trialling new methods, the company is always searching for new and improved methods for reducing the use of plastic within its business. And they need your help! Return your bottles! The faster you do that, the faster they can reach better solutions.

Faith in Nature’s hope for the near future is to have all their larger bottles returned so they can be ground down and remoulded. But all good things take time, so for now do your bit at home and if you have smaller bottles REFILL, REFILL, REFILL.


Less is more.

Faith in Nature has a short list of ingredients, like nature, they aim to be as effective and efficient as possible. That is what our skin deserves after all.

Since 1974, the company’s aim is to make natural products affordable for all, and while organic produce seems to become more accessible, it still can be high pricing for their needs. However, when they can they do and when they can’t they choose the best quality, sustainable alternative

Free to swim the tide

Independence has run strong through Faith in Nature’s DNA since the beginning. Rivka’s (the creator) belief has always been that natural, cruelty-free, ethical products should be affordable. And that is what they have done. They are only answerable to you, nature and themselves. FREE TO SWIM THE TIDE!

So the question is,

Are you going to have faith in nature?

Written by Alexandra Mason


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