AUG 16, 2022

How to clean your Electric Wax Burner

Cleaning an Electric Wax Burner is quick and easy. Just follow these quick and easy steps and you'll be finished in no time.

Step One

Have your wax in its plate on the Electric Wax Burner and turn on the burner.

Step Two

Within 30-90 seconds the under layer of the wax will become soft.

Step Three

This will let you gently slide the wax off with your finger or use a cotton pad to pick up the wax and place it to one side.

Step Four

Then turn off the Electric Wax Burner, pick up the plate and with some kitchen roll and give the plate a quick wipe down. Be careful as there will be some residue of hot wax remaining.

Step Five

Pop the plate back onto the burner and it’s all ready for you to put your next fragrance of wax on. As good as new.

Extra Tips and Tricks:

We recommend having a plate or tub next to you when you clean your electric wax burner so you can pop your wax straight onto it and set it aside until you're next ready to use it.

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