Unleash Your Inner Explorer with Splosh Travel Maps! Dream, plan, and explore, all from the comfort of your home.

If you love travelling or know someone who does, we have the perfect range for you! Splosh Travel Maps are the ideal way to pinpoint your past adventures as well as your plans. These maps serve not just as wall decor but as a beacon of inspiration, charting both memories and future explorations.

World Maps

Available in three elegant colourways and two sizes, our World Maps are crafted to complement any room or office. Each map includes 100 pins allowing you to mark previous travels and plans alike. These maps also serve as a sophisticated centrepiece.

Europe Maps

Our Europe Maps offer a detailed look at one of the world’s most diverse continents. Pinpoint the bustling streets of Berlin, the ancient ruins of Rome, or the serene landscapes of the Swiss Alps. Tailor your map to reflect the journeys that mean the most to you.

UK Maps

For those who love travelling the beauty of the United Kingdom, our UK Maps provide a means to track your explorations from the highlands of Scotland to the coastal retreats of Wales and England. Each location you pin adds another layer to your personal travel story.

Splosh Travel Maps are designed to inspire and delight, serving as both a planner for future trips and a chronicle of past adventures. Enhance your living space or office with a map that invites curiosity and wanderlust. Begin charting your journeys today and keep the essence of exploration vibrant and alive.