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Want to learn how to get a better night's sleep?

Follow our 5 top tips on how to improve your nighttime routine and sleep better.

1. Take a relaxing bubble bath

A bubble bath is a key element for a restful night's sleep. Relax your body with some bath essence infused with lavender and chamomile. How about a soothing soak with some bath salts? The choices are endless.

2. Create a restful enviroment

Spritz a pillow mist indulgently on and around your pillow before bed and let the calming aromas transport you off to sleep.

3. Optimize your bedroom environment

Many people believe that the bedroom enviroment is the key to a good night's sleep. There are several ways to improve this that won't take all night!

- Mimimise external noise to create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.
- Minimise artificial light to relax your eyes.
- Invest in a ultrasonic diffuser and lavender essential oil to humidify your room and drift you off the sleep.

4. Relax and clear your mind in the evening

Make room in your evening routine for some relaxation techniques to help clear your mind.

Strategies include listening to relaxing music, reading a book, taking a hot bath, meditating, deep breathing, and visualization.

5. Prepare your body for sleep

Having caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or a big meal too close to bedtime can stop you falling asleep. Try to avoid these things at least an hour before you plan on sleeping and it is likely to help you drift off to your much needed deep sleep.

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